SLAM - Upgrade

Dear reader,

in this month SAFESEC has executed an upgrade of its advanced deployed system for monitoring landslide along the  Italian Railway in a critical segment of the connection between Bari and Ancona. The Safesec Landslide Monitor (SLaM) is a sophisticated mechanism to supervise any small movement of the land based on very precise measurement mechanism executded every few minutes using infra-red laser beams  generated by a control station and reflected by small prisms properly positioned along the railway.

(click more to have more details and pictures)

The architecture can be seen on this link:

 The control station is the Leica TM30 (in the pic below)


 the key component of this unique Monitoring solution that combined with GNSS receivers and geotechnical sensors, GeoMoS software and IT communication infrastructure provides the required control.

The GeoMoS software provides a highly fl exible automatic deformation monitoring system that is able to combine geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors to match the needs of your monitoring project, whether it is large or small, temporary or permanent.

The upgrade consisted on the replacement of the old prisms (see picture below) with a more reliable prisms less affected by the extremely hostile environment where they have to operate.


In the picture below the new prisms before the assembling process.

In the picture below you can see our workers during the assembling operations:


And one new prism in its final position


In the picture below you can see the control station in its location


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Our IL Catalog OnLine

Dear friends,

we're pleased to share our online catalog (for induction lamp based solutions. For will come soon)





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A Gym

Going to complete an installation based on strip led (functional, warm white, and "esthetic", gbr, with a synchronous controller) in a gym

On more you can see a set of pics.




Turn-on Functional Lights


GBR in Action

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MoD - Updated Reference

Dear all,

I'm pleased to announce we've extended the lighting design activity inside one of our customers (Ministery of Defence) adding a new INDOOR project in another historical part of a building: challenge was to highlight the precious artworks inside and give the right level of brightness to the environment.

Few pictures are available below if you click on "more"

For additional pics pls visit the reference section of the website


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Meeting with Neo-Vision

Last week we'd a TOI (Transfer of Information) session with our Brasilian partner neo-vision  about our technology.


And these are some pictures of last week T.O.I.


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New 200W Dimmable Ballast

A new disruptive technology has been introduced by SAFESEC in the Lighting Design field.

A new dimmable ballast for 200W Induction Lamps.

In addition to the already launched ballast for 300W lamps, we're now launching the new dimmable ballast for the 200W Induction Lamp.
A disruptive technology! Contact us and see!


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New Fixtures for Tunnels

Dear Customers.

we're pleased to announce a new release of fixtures for tunnels. And we've videos for you.

The new generation of fixtures includes both asymetric and symetric fixtures.

The asymetric one is specifically designed to be installed in the proximity of the entrance and exit of the tunnel and the symetric one has a perfect fit on the central part of the tunnel.

Here a video for the symetric

Here a video for the asymetric

Enjoy the vision!

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Sostenibilità: Aspetti Economici, Sociali, Ambientali e Tecnologici

Dear friends,

we're pleased to inform you about the Conference organized by AFCEA, Roma Chapter.
SAFESEC will contribute with a speech about "Lighting Efficiency"

For more information go to the AFCEA CHAPTER ROME EVENT PAGE

Click on more to see the picture of our speech title slide.

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Youtube Channel

Dear visitors,

we'd like to announce the creation of our "SAFESEC" youtube channel where we'll keep you informed on special activities documented through special videos we'll post on this channel.


Below you can have a preview (click on "more").

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Safersec wants to welcome you and wish you a "nice stay" on its new website.


We have spent days of development to create an "easy to navigate" site and to provide you with a great experience: we hope you'll be able to capture the chart and mission of our Company, the great commitment we have to make your projects a successful projects. Because we believe that your win is our win.

Customer's satisfaction is our best return!

We hope you'll give us a chance to demonstrate our capability to design / deliver /maintain solutions specifically designed to meet your needs in terms of Energy-Saving, Lighting Design, integration with modern ICT components and more, and to to create together a more sustainable world!  

So enjoy and don't hesitate to contact us visiting the "contacts page"!




Safesec Srl  |  Via Salandra, 18   00187 Roma  |  P.I. 10993001006

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